Infiniti QX70 – A Lesser-Seen Piece of Auto Erotica


Every time I visit London it’s a smorgasbord of auto erotica. There’s a Porsche parked in every street and last week I counted three Rolls-Royce in the space of a minute.

It’s not quite like that in the Cotswolds – unless you include the Range Rover Autobiography or a New Holland tractor. Even so, I can appreciate the urge to want to drive something different, which is where the Infiniti comes in.

OK, it might look like a Porsche Cayenne/Hyundai Santa Fe with on add-shaped nose but drive the QX70 and you can almost the feel the eyes of other drivers checking out your bodywork.

So UK drivers, here’s a potted history. Infiniti launched in 1989 in the US, they came to Europe in 2008, partnered Red Bull in Formula 1 from 2011 and from next year will build a new compact car, called the Q30, in Sunderland.

The QX70 was originally launched in 2003 as the FX, updating its name in 2013. Is it any good? First driving report tomorrow…