Maserati Quattroporte S – Why £15K Will Buy You Something Cooler Than A Ferrari…

631791_Maserati Quattroporte  (12)

My noisy neighbour has just bought a Ferrari. A sixtysomething banker, he took the obvious route to middle-aged gratification. A least it wasn’t a 911.

However, if he was really looking for Car Couture cool, something that doesn’t just shout money and bling, there’s only one Italian car worthy of serious consideration – a Maserati.

Yep, I’d rather own a ten-year-old, £15,000 Maser than ANYTHING in a Ferrari showroom.

It’s flawed, prone to the occasional breakdown and secondhand prices aren’t great but a Maserati has an understated cache you will never achieve in a prancing horse.

Join us for a week in the Quattroporte and you might understand why…


Christmas Day – What Car Would Santa Drive?

724206_72511-Ferrari FF (8)

Might Santa choose a Volvo V40 Cross Country as his delivery vehicle? It may be built in Scandinavia and therefore tick the loyalty box but we reckon the man in red would select a vehicle with four-wheel drive, rather than being just a lookalike.

No, SC would require something fast, good in all weathers and with a decent amount of luggage space too. The obvious choice would be a Range Rover Sport – lashings of reindeer power and brilliant in the snow. Or what about a Mercedes G-Class? Both a tad bling perhaps?

A Bugatti Veyron would be able to dash around the world at speeds in excess of 200mph, although constant fuel stops would be required and space is tight. A seven-seat MPV doesn’t go with the image, while the Fiat Panda 4×4 has loads of street creed but might be a little uncomfortable over the rough stuff.

No, after serious consultations with Mrs Claus, we think there is only one car that is guaranteed to get the job done and in style. It’s exclusive, fast, boasts four-wheel drive and is usually provided in a colour to match his work clothes. Yes, it can only be the wildly untamed Ferrari FF.

You read it here first. Merry Christmas…