Wednesday – It’s complicated


Jessica The Swift a little car which feels strangely cavernous inside, particularly as it is covered in acres of grey plastic dashboard trim. The dials, speedo and rev counter are stylish however, it is lost amongst the vast spread of plastic in front of you as you drive.

This is the Sport version but the drive is fraught with comedy revving to get it up to speed. This doesn’t sit well with the idea of a top of the range sporty hatchback. The exterior might lead you to believe you were about to enter into a fun and zippy car.  Sadly not, it is a car that is value for money but I can’t help thinking there is something missing.

Beware of being a passenger ( I would not advise parents to sit with learners!) as it feels a little out of control. A trip into Cirencester for a Hobbs House sandwich and on to see The Great Gatsby left me a little jumpy.  In fact, being a passenger made me feel similar to how a Gatsby passenger might have felt!

The Swift is safe enough to get a teenager on the road at not to0 great a cost and it does have a few fans out there. However, there are too many contradictions for me about the Suzuki.

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