Wednesday – Significantly Blue


Jeremy Just off to London for significant birthday celebrations tomorrow. A few early cards have been dropping through the letterbox – one from a friend in Wales who I don’t see often enough.
I called for a chat and showed him the crazy blue R-S on the blog. His response? ‘I’m colourblind but even I can see that’s blue!’ Which sort of sums up the paint job!
Rain is falling in the west today and that has made the roads super slippy. I found this out on the Malmesbury bypass earlier when I gently tweaked the accelerator on the exit to a roundabout.
With 542bhp going through the back wheels, perhaps it wasn’t a surprise when the rear end suddenly took on a life of its own. It fell back into line just as fast but this sort of car demands you get some track experience before even attempting to use it to the full potential…

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