Monday – Footnote


Is it just me or does the Giulietta have small pedals? They are certainly close together and seem designed for ladies and gentlemen who can still fit in to children’s shoes.

Seriously, I’m a size 8 and Jessica is a size 9 but we have have both found ourselves playing footsie with the pedals at one time or another. Jessica gets her left foot stuck under the clutch – I have accidentally pressed the accelerator while trying to brake.

It’s bad enough for me to have a pair of “Alfa shoes’ on permanent standby in the car, while Jessica is constantly complained about the lack of foot rest for her left leg. If I drive in a pair of brogues or anything chunkier, it is a serious problem for me and I don’t feel comfortable.

Jessica is also struggling with visibility from the driver’s seat. She says the side pillars block her ‘over the shoulder’ vision, as well as adding to a permanent blind spot in the door mirror. I’m not so bothered but the blind spot is for real.

The Giulietta has its issues but we both agree it’s just bags of fun on a fast A-road, especially now we have discovered the DNA button. Much more on that, tomorrow…



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