Thursday – Ripping Yarn


If a car looks like a four-wheel drive then shouldn’t it be a 4×4? Does the estate version of the Peugeot 208 need to be ‘jacked up’ so high off the ground and why has a very large cat scratched inside the headlining on my 2008 test car?

These are just a few of the questions Car Couture will be seeking to answer over the next week that we drive the 2008 crossover.

Let’s start with the ‘ripped’ headlining. This is, according to Peugeot, a ‘roof wave – an exclusive roof decoration that cuts through the cloth to the metal above. I can’t help wondering if it will still be stuck firmly in place ten years down the road. Maybe it pays visual tribute to the Feline model, a trim above our Allure version…

The 4×4 issue will have to wait until I can find some dirt to play in but I rather like the raised height of the 2008. Combined with a low loading lip, it makes the car exceptionally easy to pack. Which is good because I’m off to Longleat to load up with wood for the October that lies ahead…

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