Tuesday – Locked Up

hghgh.jpgToday I’ve had what NASA might call a ‘technical hitch’ with the Mazda6. Nothing serious, just an annoying issue with the Bluetooth telephone system which comes down to the computer simply saying, ‘no’.

Having paired up my iPhone to the Mazda information unit, my next incoming phone call failed to register on the 6’s information screen. Well, actually it did but the screen locked and refused to accept the call.

Hmm… So what would you do? Well, I tried pressing a lot of buttons, turned the phone off and eventually admitted defeat, pulling over to investigate. Turning the engine off and on again, the system rebooted itself and the problem disappeared.

I’m not sure it’s a problem that will occur again but as Car Couture tries to give you a warts and all feel for every car we drive, it does merit a mention.



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