Friday – Ice Ice Baby


Jessica Being a gym bunny of the very early morning variety, through necessity rather than choice, it means I experience the full effects of a frosty morning in the pitch dark.

Beware of starting your Audi Q5 by pressing all the buttons available and expecting a quick departure, because it does not want you to leave fast once it is turned on.

Or let put it this way, sometimes an ice scraper is required and all you get is a needy alarm or a switched off engine, not only that the seats are not heated. Gym kit is not ideal for the cold, so I was left with a chilled behind and shivering body before finally venturing out onto the open road.

The car of course in any other setting is pure Audi, crafted carefully to make driving a pleasure and (apart from frosty morning troubles) painless.

Fast with controlled steering, just the right amount of responsiveness on the brakes,  you would be happy to drive your family, pets and others about in style and confidence once you had handed over your well earned cash.

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