Wednesday – In You Go, Grandma…


The FR version of the Leon SC is all about driving but if you have to suffer passengers in the back, they aren’t going to find it easy to squeeze in. There’s plenty of room in the rear but a course in yoga will be required to negotiate past the front seats.

Despite a handle on the top, pulling the front seats forward is a bit of a chore. How a full-size adult is meant to gain access is beyond me. Don’t even think about using baby seats in the rear either because you will have a nightmare battling with them.

Yes, it’s a tad tight and your aged relatives are going to be fighting over the lone front passenger seat when you next turn up to collect them. Anyone over 15 stone might find the well bolstered sports seats a little cosy too.

At least the boot is a decent space – 380 litres of it. Excellent additional room if you fold the back seats down too. In fact, that might be an easier route to the back seat for passengers.

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