Wednesday – The Real Thing


I spent a day last week on a Formula One simulator. Not some X-Box nonsense but a proper, real-size machine with video graphics, a motion rig and booming sound system.

To be honest, it wasn’t that good. I drove Damon Hill’s Arrows car once and there was absolutely no similarity between the two. The simulator wasn’t a riotous assault on the senses – there was no sense of movement, no smells and no feeling.

The Jaguar F-Type is one of a small number of sports car that really does wrap the driver in a bubble of sensory experience. There are plenty of two-seaters on the market that offer great performance and looks but none compare to the F-Type for the all-round experience.

Of course, you are going to pay at least £70,000 to park an F-Type on your driveway but I wonder what they will be selling for secondhand in three year’s time? I know I’ll be looking for one when that time comes…




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