Friday – Range Rover Vogue SE


You might think that after a week in a Jaguar F-Type driving anything else would be a disappointment. Not if it’s the latest Range Rover Vogue.

If the F-Type is the ultimate grand design, the Range Rover is the height of automotive luxury.

For example, I had to slam to boot lid on the Jaguar. In the Range Rover the powered tailgate refuses and automatically takes the strain. Two cupholders in the Jag rather spoil the centre console – in the Range Rover they are hidden away discreetly under a self-closing cover that glides into place.

Both vehicles are roughly the same price but you have to say the Range Rover looks more worthy of the £77,000 price tag. It’s just loaded with equipment.

This is the mid-range Vogue SE model and not an Autobiography but I’m finding new buttons to play with all the time. It’s going to take a week and more to discover everything.

For now my favourite is the heated steering wheel. Cold mornings will never be quite so bad again…

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