Monday – It’s A Lock-Out


I’m locked in a battle of nerves with the Clio. It’s nothing to do with the incredible handling, the sensational burst of speed when you press the EDC button, or the smile it brings to your face on a twisty road targeted with cow turds.

No, it’s all to do with the Renault key-less locking system. Now, Renault dispenses with an ordinary key years ago. Instead, owners of all Renaults are supplied with a credit card-style unit that either stays in your pocket, or pops safely in to a gap in the dashboard.

Nothing wrong with that except the Renault Anti Intruder Device (RAID, getit?) is super sensitive when you walk away from the car with the ‘key’ in your pocket. I reckon I can manage about nine paces before there’s a hefty click and the car is shutdown.

Of course, you could argue this is very sensible in such a desirable little motor. Except in the real world, every time you want to get something from the car, the key has to be about your persons. It’s especially infuriating if you are bringing a load of shopping home and leave the key inside your house, or in your coat pocket that you hung up on the way through the porch.

Instead of having an anti-drill locking fuel cap (do people really want my petrol that badly?), I’d rather Renault invested in a more usable door locking system that keeps me and, probably plenty of other Renault owners, in better humour.

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