Tuesday – The Art of Cupholder


Saab used to make wonderful cabins, the most comfortable seats and, of course, the very best upholders. Yes, once you had experienced a slick Swedish cupholder, nothing else would do.

In the Passat, VW play it safe with two slots, side by side in front of the arm rest. It’s a very ‘safe’ design – unlike the Saab 900, which had cupholders that popped out of the dashboard, to twist and turn into shape.

The trouble with the Alltrack holders is that you rarely trouble them with cups. They get used for keys, the wallet and whatever else you carry in your car. Plus, unlike fold-out dash systems, they fill up with fluff and dust. Or shards of chocolate.

Apart from that, the view from the driving seat of the Alltrack is pretty special. It feels every inch as special as an Audi and I feel instantly at home – like I’ve been driving the VW for years.

Could VW do better? Well yes, they could get the Swedish designer who created the Saab upholders in to add that extra finishing touch…


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