Sunday – Ugly Duckling Panda?


‘A car so ugly only a mother could love it…’ Seems a bit unfair but that’s how a friend described the Fiat Panda 4×4. OK, it’s not the prettiest little car but it has a certain presence about it.

I would have to agree that ‘beefing up’ the standard Italian supermini hasn’t done it any favours. The extra body mouldings and polished metal scuff plates both front and rear add surprisingly little to the overall appeal.

But deep down inside, the Panda has a classless look – a sort of modern day 2CV that looks so different that you can’t help but warm to it.

I’m taking the Fiat to Cheltenham Races next week, so it’s going to have a baptism of fire among the well-heeled country set of Gloucestershire. And in deep green, I should be able to hold my head up high when I park it next to a line of Range Rovers…

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