Wednesday – Tweed+Merc=Tw*t


You see all forms of life in Tesco, Stow-on-the-Wold. Is there a posher ‘normal’ supermarket in Gloucestershire – possibly not. The car park is crammed with a wide selection of vehicles too, from mud-splattered Land Rover Defenders, to Range Rovers and Audi Q8s.

I squeezed the Panda in to a slot next to woman who had two members of staff helping her load a Mercedes G-Wagon. While most people are worrying about their next food bill and we already have food banks operating around the country, she was whinging about fitting 24 bottles of champagne in a shopping trolley alongside her chubby sprog.

I took an instant dislike – it was impossible not too. Then her backside, supported by legs that could have propped up an oil rig, bumped into my wing mirror. No apologies, she just carried moaning on regardless.

So what a joy it was to see her later in Stow town centre, arguing with a traffic warden who had slapped a ticket on her Merc. I’m going to put that man forward for some kind of civic award. Tweed+Merc=Tw*t. You wouldn’t see that happen to a Panda 4×4….

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