Thursday – Hidden Gem


Rare to find a hidden gem these days but the GT86 is a thrilling example of what car manufacturers can do – when they don’t concentrate solely on luxury features that water down the joy of driving enthusiastically.

The Toyota may be a tad slow when compared to some of the hot hatchbacks out there, and the interior does suffer from some cheap materials. However, I can forgive that when a car returns so much driving pleasure.

A two-year-old GT86 would be a bargain buy in my book. The coupe has a great warranty and provided you can find one with a full service history – and some rubber left on the tyres – it’s great value for money.

At £25,000 a new GT86 is a steal too. Compared to the Nissan 370Z and Audi TT, it’s more exclusive and will give you just as many exciting moments. Plus, being a hidden gem, very few people seem to know what the GT86 is…

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