VW Scirocco GTS


Hmmm, stripes on cars. Discuss. The GTS comes in either white, black, grey or red paint and ALL of versions have the twin stripes slammed over the bodywork.

It may be that I’m now a gentleman of a certain age but to me, this is akin to putting a sun strip on a Bentley windscreen displaying the words ‘Jez and Jess’.

Our ‘Candy white’ model is perhaps the most bling of the lot, not helped by a personalised VW number plate. Oh dear, I think this car was men for the sweaty palmed youngsters at Evo magazine.

It’s a shame the stripes are what most comments pertain to when people first see the car because underneath, the Scirocco is a coupe of some distinction.

The fat bottom styling might put some people off but I, for one, am looking forward to throwing it around some bends and enjoying the standard Adaptive Chassis Control system to the full. Off we go then…

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