Nissan 370Z Nismo – Alright In White


If I was buying one, I probably wouldn’t choose white. But that aside, the 370Z is the perfect antidote to the sanitised BMW, Audi and Mercedes sports cars that blend in and then disappear in a supermarket car park.

That certainly won’t happen with the Nissan. While some of the styling reminds me of a Porsche 911, it’s the sort of car that could give you a complex, if you worry about people looking at you.

It’s impossible not to fall for 370Z. It sticks two fingers up at the mainstream opposition, all is all the better for it. If you want a coupe that dares to be different, take one out for a spin.

It’s a muscle car for the modern age. Heavy steering, long-throw manual gearbox and brutish looks. Most importantly, it will make you happy, every time you see it parked on the driveway.

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