Audi TT 1.8 TFSI – Grey, Like David Brent’s Underpants


A convertible should inspire you to want to drive it. It’s Bank Holiday Monday and I’ve been sat in the garden, considering the TT Cabriolet from a variety of angles.

The simple fact is this – it doesn’t have the same visual appeal as the cheaper Mazda MX-5. The Audi isn’t an ugly car but comparisons with the streamlined and eye-catching Mazda are obvious.

Not only that but the TT does not feel like a ‘natural’ sports car when you drive it. The gearstick doesn’t fall to hand as easily, you don’t feel inspired to throw it around a corner and even with the rear wind deflector up, there’s a bit too much wind intrusion in the cockpit.

Unfortunately, our TT test car also features a rather dull cabin colour. The carpet and leather trim are light, limp grey. It’s like sitting in a pair of David Brent’s over-washed underpants. Opt for black and it won’t need cleaning so often either….

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