Audi TT Roadster 1.8 TFSI – Fun In The Sun


How much you like the TT Roadster may well depend on how you value the badge on the boot. I can’t say the Roadster is that much better than a Mazda- MX-5 but Audi is premium brand – and that means a great deal to many people when making their buying choice.

The TT is fighting its corner against stiff opposition, from the likes of the BMW Z4 and more expensive Porsche Boxster too. Personally, I prefer the look of the BMW and Porsche, simply because the TT is starting to look a little dated these days.

Otherwise, the Audi is a fine handling car that brings the joy of open top motoring down to a reasonably affordable level. The cabin is well screwed together and easy on the eye – apart from the grey leather in our test car! – and the boot is a decent size too.

Z4 owners would say it doesn’t have the added security of a tin folding roof, Porsche drivers would point out the TT is nowhere near as pretty. Truth is, it will come down to personal taste because all three cars, plus the cheaper MX-5, are great fun and a joy to have on the driveway.

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