Lotus Elise S Club Racer – Key Point


Bank Holidays and rain – the two of them go together like car and key. And so it was that I found myself battling for a parking space in Bourton-on-the-Water today, trying to get to my local deli, when the world and his dog have decided to descend on the Cotswold town at the same time.

Bourton is beautiful but I’ve never quite understood the attraction, unless you want to walk along the muddy bank of a river, pay too much for an ice-cream, or fight for pavement space as another coach unloads a party of Americans.

Fortunately, my ‘secret’ deli, Toast, has space for two cars outside and nobody seems to realise. So, as I pulled in with a satisfied look on my face and took the key from the steering column, it felt like something wasn’t quite right. Surely there wasn’t enough ‘key’ in my pocket?

Sure enough, the key had come apart and I”d left most of it in the slot. If I hadn’t realised then and there, somebody could have quite easily got in the car and driven away. Perhaps a better key design is required, Lotus?…

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