Citroen C5 Tourer – The Large Lap of Luxury


Is there something about the French I don’t know? I lived in the Tarn for two years and I thought I had a pretty good idea of their driving habits – so why the heck doesn’t the C5 have a cupholder?

You only discover these things at the last moment, usually when you have just bought a takeaway coffee and suddenly realise there is nowhere to slot it in safely. Hmm, risk holding it between the knees, or will it stay upright in the centre console bin? Probably not…

Hang on, here it is! The cupholder for the C5 is situation inside the console bin, and even then you have to search to find it. A pop up arm is folded down inside and holds my cup beautifully. Just an odd place to put it, don’t you think?

Driving the big Citroen is like taking an armchair for a ride. It’s super comfortable, refined and rather chic. I just wish the French didn’t have to be quite so quirky with their product…



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