Fiat 500C – Peel Back Here


People buy a Fiat 500C because it offers wind in your hair pleasures at a modest price. It’s all about zipping around town, squeezing through the narrowest of gaps and enjoying every last minute of sunshine behind the wheel.

The 500C is as visually engaging now as it was at launch in 2009. It’s has one of the best interiors of any supermini, if not the best. A cunning mix of retro chic and style with excellent build quality.

If you want real performance there is an Abarth model, or you can go tax-free with the brilliant Twin Air engines.

So peering at the 500C parked on my driveway this morning, my first thought is what a cute and fun car. The next is how the heck does it justify the £16,375 price tag?

Hopefully, by tomorrow I should have a few answers…

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