Mitsubishi Shogun LWB – Screening Madness of the Shogun Sat Nav


I anticipated that the navigation unit in the Shogun might be ‘tricky’ and I was right. I don’t believe you shouldn’t have to use the handbook to navigate your own way through the system – even the first time you use it. It should be intuitive and user friendly.

Unfortunately, the Mitsubishi requires a lot of scrolling through assorted menus. Today I had three people in the car, a variety of generations from 20s to 50s. First it wasn’t clear how you access the navigation menu itself – not helped by a button saying ‘navigation menu’ which actually guides the user to the navigation settings.

All we wanted to do was input a destination. The key was a button with a tiny flag symbol. It should be simple from here, or so I thought. Unfortunately it wasn’t and it was the 25-year-old who naturally cracked the code, looking on from the back seat.

The navigations screen on the Shogun is large and angled slightly upwards. That means that with the panoramic sunroof open, the reflection renders it totally useless. Thank heavens for the iPhone – at least we found our way home…

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