Citroen C4 Cactus – Sharper Than Your Average Skoda Yeti?


Love it or hate it, the Citroen C4 Cactus has got people talking. Even those who care nothing about motoring are wondering what this ‘padded’ car is all about. Is it a concept, is it for real – or is it just ‘French’?

True, only Citroen could design and then sell cars like the 2CV, DS and CX. So why should we be taken aback by the whacky little Cactus?

I’ve only driven the car 12 miles to the station and back but already I’ve had more looks than I would with a topless supermodel on the front passenger seat. That includes one woman who almost managed a head-on in her Volvo XC90.

Most people will consider it an SUV – which puts it in the same category as the Renault Captur (see previous test), Nissan Juke and the Skoda Yeti.

However, none of those models will turn heads like the Cactus. It’s unusual, different and bordering on cool. Something you can’t say about a Yeti, of course…


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