Jeep Wrangler – Rather Better Than We Expected For A Dirt-Loving Beast


I’ve read the ‘other’ reviews and today I’ve experienced the on-road antics of the Wrangler. Nobody seems to like the ride, the jittering nature of the steering and suspension, or the suspect handling. I’ve read all that and today I’ve felt it first hand.

However, what you have to remember about the Jeep is, that just like the Land Rover Defender, it’s not been designed for tarmac. No, it’s a workhorse first and foremost. They can carpet the floor, stitch leather to the seats and add a decent infotainment system but the Wrangler and Defender are essentially beasts that love the dirt.

Anybody who buys either for serious, everyday use really needs rewiring themselves. So, all I can tell you having driven it is that the Wrangler has been a pleasant surprise. It’s a lot softer on the road than a Defender, rather more comfortable and this 2.8 version is pretty quiet too.

So, yes, it’s a lot better than I expected. My spine hasn’t been jolted out of place, my ears aren’t ringing and I haven’t slipped off a wet road into a hedge. Yet.

Fact is, I’m pleasantly surprised. We have a Defender coming in early February and I’m already wondering how it will compare…

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