Jeep Wrangler Overland – Dated In Every Way But Perhaps That’s Part of the Charm?


352148_040310jeeThe last time Jeep made significant changes to the Wrangler was back in 2011. The upgrades were all to the interior, adding such luxuries as heated seats and steering wheel controls – plus some sound insulation, which really works!

This may explain why Jeep (now part of the Fiat family) don’t offer any up to date photographs of the Wrangler – nearly everything on their official press site dates back to 2011.

As a journalist, that’s kind of weird. You might notice the images Car Couture are using have 2011 number plates – very dated and hardly conducive to encouraging readers to rush out and buy a new Wrangler!

I imagine the theory is that if you have a vehicle that looks almost the same as it did in 1941, they why worry about a few press images being out of date…


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