Jeep Wrangler Overland – Takes You Back To The Days Of John Wayne And MASH

jeep5The Wrangler makes me want to watch an episode of MASH – or one of those old war films where John Wayne steps out of a Jeep in full military kit, chewing a fat cigar. Yep, from the front, the basic Jeep hasn’t changed much in 70 years.

What is very different about this 2011 update model is that it’s now available as a five-door too. We’re driving the three-door, which does have rear seats but only offers a decent amount of luggage space when that bench is tumbled forward.

Wayne might have walked better if he had driven this current model too. Yes the Jeep bounces and shimmies on the road but the leather-clad seats of the Overland model are soft and comfortable, soaking up a lot of the pain.

He could have made it to the front line a lot quicker using the standard sat nav and the heated seats are among the hottest I’ve experienced too…

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