Kia Pro_cee’d GT – The Slippery Looking Kia Hatch That’s Great Value


I’ve just driven the Kia back from London and I can tell you what I love about it the most – the 201bhp turbocharged petrol engine. It’s not going to worry the Golf GTI or Astra GTC but just look at the price – it’s a proper bargain.

The 1.6 unit feels eager to please and the chassis set up is good enough to allow some fun-filled moments on the last stretch of country roads home.

The interior is a mix of alcantara and leather, with a neat dashboard and rather a rash of buttons on the steering wheel. Annoyingly, this version doesn’t have sat nav.

Okay, so it’s not the most thrilling hot hatchback on the road today but it’s sport enough to keep most people entertained, in a safe, seven-year guarantee sort of way…


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