Maserati Quattroporte S – An Unusual Interior That Somehow Works, Like Marmalade & Stilton

695351_Maserati Quattroporte GTS (1)

Nobody else would dare do it – a brown leather interior complemented by a blue dashboard! Welcome to the wonderful world of Maserati.

And just like stilton and marmalade on toast, somehow the daredevil Italians have pulled it off. It works brilliantly and makes Mercedes, Porsche and all the rest of the grey-seat manufacturers look more than a little dull.

Even the alcantara headlining is brown – a £1,158 option yes but damn it looks good. There’s a stunning red interior available too that really is amazing.

I’m loving the Quattroporte. It’s a big car for manoeuvring at low speed but apart from that, why are you even considering a four-door Porsche??

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