Volvo V70 – Of Mice And Volvos… Naked Dash In Pursuit Of Rodent Kicks Off New Year


So where were you at 5am this morning – hugging a bottle of vodka, repeatedly telling your best mate you love them more than football, or trying to find a way home through the debris of New Year’s Eve?

New Year kicked off with a mouse entering the Taylor household – scrabbling around the bedroom and making as much noise as a rat wearing hobnail boots. Terrifying when you are nursing a hangover, especially for the mouse as I was stark bollock naked.

And just to cap it all, the dog decided this was a good time to enter the room and throw up on the stairs. A good moment to consider a hasty retreat and decamping to the V70 perhaps?

It’s certainly long enough to stretch out in the back with the rear seats folded down. It also has an integral dog guard that rises out of the seats and connects to the roof, as well as a clever system that allows you hook carrier bags upright in the boot.

It would also make the perfect weekend retreat for any mouse or errant rodent but let’s not go there…


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