Volvo XC60 – What To Do When Your Car Rolls Away Down A Hill…

134846_volvo_xc60_r_design.jpgWasn’t it bad boy footballer Mario Balotelli who said ‘why always me?’

Why is it only the XC60 that rolls away from me when I fail to engage the handbrake properly?

I’m 51 and have always driven with a proper, hand-operated brake – or a stick that between the front two seats. I’m getting used to electronic park brakes but still believe they aren’t as user-friendly as the old system.

And for some reason, I seem to have most problems with Volvos. You have to push a button under the dashboard to engage the brake, and pull it to release. That seems a little back to front to me – shouldn’t it be the other way around?

So as the XC60 slowly started to run away from me today, gently heading down a farm track, I had to jump in and hit the brake pedal hard.

Hill starts are a nightmare. I guess you get used to it but can somebody explain to me exactly what the benefits of an electronic system are?

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