The Jaguar F-Type Will Never Have Iconic Status But It’s Still A Beauty…

927972_AWD S Blackberry_03

Big regrets? Selling my 1963 Jaguar E-Type! A Series I coupe in dark blue, it was the closest thing to perfection that ever rested on four wheels.

Strangely, my girlfriend at the time hated it. I foolishly fell under her influence and flogged it for the £1,000 more than I had originally paid. Seven years on, it would have been worth three times as much…

Looking back now, the pain isn’t about losing so much money but letting such an iconic car slip carelessly through my hands. Which is why I’ve been looking forward to driving this week’s F-Type for months.

I can tell you now, it’s never going to be an iconic car like the E-Type but at least it borrows some of the curves and bumps. It’s lovely to look at from any angle. I haven’t seen it properly in daylight yet but more tomorrow when the sun comes up…

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