The characterless Nissan X-Trail is an SUV that says absolutely nothing at all about the person driving it…



Whatever you think of SUVs the market for small, multi-purpose vehicles is on the increase. Lumbering giants that swallowed diesel at an alarming rate are history and they’re not coming back. Unless you’re a premiership footballer, of course.

Many of the X-Trails sold in this country won’t be 4x4s at all – buyers will opt for the two-wheel drive version that starts at about £23,000. And that means owners can expect more than 45mpg, with a modest 0-60mph of 11 seconds.

The Nissan isn’t class-leading at anything, especially compared to the Hyundai Santa Fe and new Honda CR-V, but it will tick the boxes for many people who want a ‘do everything’ vehicle.

It’s not that refined and there is little to excite keen drivers, However, what’s missing most for me is a little character. This is a car that says absolutely nothing at all about you, or it…

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