The new Porsche Macan is the most awesome SUV on the road – apart from those ridiculous front air intakes

mmmIt was years in the making but 12 years after the launch of the Cayenne comes the ‘mini me’ version – the Macan. Worth the wait? Hell yes!

This week we’re driving the most incredible SUV never to go off road. The 400bhp Macan is not to be taken lightly. It has all the qualities you would expect of a Porsche in one neat, pint-sized bundle.

The Macan has already stolen the crown of the beautiful Range Rover Evoque as the ‘must have’ 4×4 of 2015. It’s not as pretty but five minutes behind the steering wheel will convince you.

What don’t we like? The hefty price tag and those ridiculous air intakes in the front bumper. They could come from a Harrier jump jet.

Join us for daily reports of our week in the most awesome SUV ever – the Porsche Macan Turbo…


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