Porsche’s mini-SUV Macan is very good – just don’t mistake it for a sports car


Porsche’s first baby SUV is very good – but just don’t mistake it for a full-blown sports car. Most buyers will choose the 254bhp diesel but even our range-topping Turbo S with 400bhp doesn’t quite serve up the thrills of a standard issue 911, or a Boxster for that matter.

Part of the problem stems from the fact the Macan weighs almost two tons. It will amaze you with its cornering abilities but just misses out on the major fun factor that Porsche buyers expect.

We wave auf wiedersehen to the Macan today, knowing demand for the car is so strong that Porsche simply can’t make enough. Which is another reason why premium brand rivals like Bentley are urgently preparing to join the market with their own upmarket SUVs.

It’ll be interesting to see who holds the ultimate SUV crown this time next year. For now, the Macan Turbo is just about the best sports utility vehicle a huge amount of money can buy…

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