The only accessory the Isuzu D-Max Utah doesn’t have is a pair of bull’s balls hanging from the bumper


As predicted, all thoughts about the D-Max being too large have been blown away here in Miami. This is a place where everything, from the Club Chicken Sandwich to the doorman are considerably bigger than back home in Blighty.

After visiting the Formula E electric car race HQ this morning, I foolishly decided to go for a walk around downtown Miami in the afternoon. I walked for an hour and got absolutely, completely nowhere. All I experienced was the heat from the sun and the exhaust fumes of pick-up trucks that would dwarf the Isuzu.

There are no qualms about driving pick-ups in the city either. Single and double cabs make up most of the traffic jams. I didn’t see one Isuzu but my favourite ute was one with what looked like a pair of bull’s balls dangle from beneath the rear bumper.

How can the Isuzu possibly compete with that!?

I’m off to drive a Formula E car tomorrow. Once they have shoehorned me into the cockpit…


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