The VW Passat GT estate we have on test this week is far too slick and sporty to gain my late father’s approval.


I could never persuade my father to buy an exciting car. I grew up in a succession of Datsun 120Ys and Vauxhall Vivas. The most exciting wheels we ever saw on the family driveway was a Citroen CX saloon – the one with the self-centering steering wheel.

The CX with the crazy hydropneumatic suspension was eventually stolen and found burnt out – which only further proved my father’s point that it was pointless buying a flash car.

In desperation I took him to see a secondhand VW Passat. It ticked all the boxes and was suitably dreary enough not to offend him. It didn’t work – possibly because it was built in Germany and he was funny about stuff like that.

Fortunately, he wasn’t looking at the GT estate model we have on test this week. It’s far too slick and sporty to gain his approval. It’s not as bling as the latest Mondeo but at least designers in this day and age built cars that look even more desirable than a Citroen CX saloon.

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