I’m missing sat nav in the DS 3 – motoring writers are spoilt with their test cars


I can only assume the chap in the Citroen press photo is lost – perhaps wondering why the DS 3 he’s driving doesn’t have sat nav as standard…

One of the dangers of being a motoring writer is that you usually end up testing a vehicle loaded with extras. This week’s Citroen doesn’t have sat nav, probably the first car I’ve driven this year without it. Add around £1,000 if you are interested.

Things I’m liking about the DS 3 are the blindingly good headlights, the easy access to the rear seats despite only three doors, and a decent sized boot.

I’m not liking the lack of DAB radio, the fiddly Bluetooth set-up and some rather cheap feel trim inside the cabin. It’s odd. Some of the materials in this hatchback are top notch – others are cheap and nasty.

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