A Volvp to rival the BMW 3 Series? You better believe it…


Well, I never expected that. A Volvo to take on the over-inflated ego of the BMW 3 Series – you’d better believe it.

Within moments of climbing inside our 181bhp D4 test car, I knew this was a sleeping giant of a compact saloon that could rival the best of Germany.

Now, I wouldn’t say the S60 has the looks and chic of the BMW but it does boast an understated elegance – especially in white with some rather nifty, 18-inch alloys.

No, it’s not as cute but get behind the wheel and the D4 absolutely flies. It’s a revelation, a genuine contender is this sector and I’m looking forward to the next seven days a lot more than a few hours ago when I checked my diary to see what car was due this week…

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