There’s something of the Audi A3 about the profile of the Peugeot 308 GT…


Daydreaming as I listen to England play New Zealand at cricket today, I couldn’t help noticing the 308 GT has a profile that bears close resemblance to the Audi A3.

No bad thing. This GT version is growing on me all the time too. The 308 is the 2014 European Car of the Year and building on such a sound model has its benefits.

While a hot hatch model is in the pipeline, the GT will have more than enough grunt for most people. The steering lacks precision and the suspension is softer than an ‘enthusiastic’ driver might like but you can still enjoy a winding country road.

And the GT has the Driver Sport Pack as standard – which means a generally more responsive feel to the controls all round. It’s no Audi A3 to drive, but for £24,000 it’s great value for money…

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