Why Mr Whoppit may no longer be needed in my Range Rover Sport


Anticipating the arrival of a new sports car in  the Taylor household, today I bought a Mr Whoppit on eBay. A what, I hear you ask? Mr Whoppit was the teddy bear mascot of Sir Donald Campbell, land speed record holder and all round splendid Englishman.

While Donald and Mr W came to a watery end trying to break a water speed record on Lake Coniston, the plan was to have a replica teddy bear in the back of my next car. (I’m 51 but a man can dream). Just 5,000 Mr Whoppits were made in honour of Sir Donald – now I own one of them.

However, since the arrival of the Range Rover Sport, my sports car planning has been thrown off the scent. The Rangey is so good, I’m wondering if a storming SUV might be a more enjoyable option?

The Land Rover goes today and I really am going to miss it. Comfortable, fast, superbly put together – I don’t think there is anything made in Germany that comes close to the Sport.



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