I think the VW Golf R needs a bit more razzamatazz to its styling…


Is there a mid-life crisis going on at Car Couture? I’ve actually been considering a red sports car, then last month I bought a Belstaff leather jacket and now, to cap it all, I’m thinking the Golf R needs a bit more razzamatazz.

It’s not the performance – this is a hot hatchback like no other. No, it’s the rather bland styling and soul-less profile that welcomes me to the driveway every morning.

Of course, the Golf GTI was never a stand-out model in the car park. You can leave that naff bling to Renault and Ford with their offerings. But even so, there’s no much to excite the eye with the R.

Apart from the lack of leather seats as standard (surely at this price?), it’s the only fault I have with the R.

A truly brilliant 5-door that does nothing to announce your arrival but gets you there and back in thoroughly entertaining style…

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