Has the double cab concept had it’s day? See what we think of the Mitsubishi Barbarian

1046733_--Æ Max Earey - Mitsubishi L200 184

If you want a luxurious SUV that’s refined and elegant, then the Barbarian (as the name suggests!) may not be the car for you. Unlike traditional SUVs, this one is built on the same framework as an industrial machine and it only takes a while behind the wheel to spot the shortcomings.

The L200 wallows on corners, nosedives under hard braking and the styling results in a fair amount of wind noise too. You can’t expect to drive a vehicle with a one ton payload AND enjoy the comforts of a Mazda CX-5, or a Nissan Qashqai.

Perhaps because the L200 was one of the first double cabs that made the leap to passenger vehicle, it does offer plenty to tempt buyers. A rash of airbags, the infotainment system and excellent seats are among the highlights.

I think the question many people will have to overcome first is ‘has the double cab concept had it’s day’? To me they always feel dated and ponderous. At least the Mitsubishi does have a dash of style to go with it and plenty of road presence…

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