Why the new Volvo XC90 keyfob might leave you cursing…


So, you know what it’s like. You’re walking back to your vehicle in a dark car park at night and choose to illuminate the scene by pressing the key-fob ‘unlock’ button. What could be simpler?

The XC90 has brilliant illumination – the whole area around the car is illuminated by lights under the door mirrors and smart bulbs in each of the four door handles.

It looks very cool, except for one thing. The Volvo keyfob isn’t like any other. It’s a thin, square unit with the lock, unlock and boot buttons down one edge (not on the sides!). On the other edge is the alarm button that sets the lights flashing and horn blasting.

So when I pressed what I thought was the unlock, instead I had pressed the alarm. It’s very difficult to feel the different and in darkness, it’s really pot luck as to what button you do hit.

It’s just the little things but this is one advance in technology and design that really doesn’t work. Form over function…

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