Where your Land Rover Discovery Sport is placed in the SUV pecking order of cars


Land Rover would tell you that the new Discovery Sport is much more than just a tweaked Freelander. It’s part of the Discovery family ‘leisure’ brand – that’s for families who need space and like to get their wheels muddy once in a blue moon.

Range Rover (that’s Evoque, Sport and full-fat model) is for people who seek luxury. Which leaves the forthcoming new Defender to mop up the rest and be more of an all-rounder than the original, hardcore version. What a shame!

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that the Disco Sport is good. It’s very good in fact and will tick just about every box you want it to. That includes Space – tick, Practicality – tick, Badge image – tick, and Comfort – tick.

As Car Couture likes to consider styling a priority too, I can’t claim to be blown away by the Sport. It looks as bland as the rest of the SUV offerings on the market and there’s precious little premium ‘feel’ about the cabin.

Tons of kit yes but there’s nothing BMW/Audi about the quality…

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