The Peugeot Sport 208 GTi has a crazy paintjob but don’t let that put you off…


When Peugeot launched the sell-out 208 GTi 30th Anniversary special edition it seemed inevitable that a more permanent, hot hatchback cut from the same cloth would eventually join the line-up.

And here it is – the Peugeot Sport 208 GTi. A close relation to the 30th model, it’s turned a lukewarm city runabout into something rather special.

Thanks to sports tuned steering and suspension, 18-inch Michelins and other detailing, the new model looks every inch the part. We’ll discuss the paintjob tomorrow though!

Tweaks to the 1.6 engine mean power is up to 205hp from the 197hp in the 30th – plus this Gti reaches the very latest Euro 6 emission standards.

Happy to pay £22k for the pleasure? More tomorrow…

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