As SUVs grow fatter by the day, the Volvo XC70 becomes svelter by the minute


Back to work then – a Monday morning in January is always a bleak start to the New Year. And today we’re saying ‘hej da’ – that’s Swedish for goodbye’ to our seasonal Volvo that is the XC70.

At a time when SUVs are growing fatter by the day, the great thing about the XC70 is that it now looks trim by comparison. No longer is a Volvo estate a huge car – indeed it looks positively svelte next to a Land Rover Discovery or a Hyundai Tucson.

It’s only on the inside that the XC70 becomes roomy and spacious. Big boot for three large dogs, masses of rear legroom and storage boxes and cubbyholes for all your stuff.

Add to this the quality feel of the cabin, the safety features, decent fuel economy and the permanent all-wheel drive and you start to see why the XC70 still makes very good sense.

There will be prettier SUVs launched in 2016, cars with more mass appeal but the Volvo XC70 remains a very good family mover indeed.


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