The original Range Rover swapped carpet for rubber mats so you could carry a pig to market


My father used to crank start his Hillman Husky estate – he didn’t want to drain the battery. There was no rear window demister and the heating system was an option.

The original Range Rover was luxury by comparison, back then in the early 1970s. It swapped carpet for rubber mats so that you could hose off the floor after carrying a pig to market.

Now the TDV8 parked outside is fitted with a heavy duty battery capable of firing up the space shuttle. It has to be to power the amount of electrical madness on board.

Among the most demanding is the park heater – designed to switch on the heating system via a keyfob up to 30 minutes before you step into the car. Lovely in this weather.

Then there’s the heated steering wheel, the downlights under the door mirrors that flash an image of a Range Rover onto the tarmac, and the double opening electric tailgate.

If it wasn’t for that 4.4-litre 340bhp engine under the bonnet this would be the ultimate electric car…

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