Why four-wheel drive won’t save you on ice – even in a Range Rover


There is a crazy ‘rush hour’ into my village every morning of the week. It’s a school run and I’m afraid to say the majority of drivers are women.

They say familiarity breeds contempt and that’s certainly the case with the narrow lanes around this Gloucestershire beauty spot.

Most of the mums drive SUVs and seem to think that being in a ‘big’ car with four-wheel drive will save them and their offspring on an icy corner.  It won’t.

The Range Rover has the most sophisticated four-wheel drive system of any 4×4. It may be a luxury limo but it has all the attributes of a thoroughbred Land Rover.

Yesterday I slid sideways at 25mph on ice. It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, permanent all-wheel drive won’t save you. Driving slower might…

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